(6) Sanyo XF-45 10.ooo lumens  Projector

Analog Way GSII Graphics Switcher with Preview and 2 Hires Output;  it will simultaneously out component Video.   Cat5 Hall Research Technologies system for signal Distribution or HDSDI

(2) Sanyo XF-20     5ooo lumens  Projector

Analog Way Smart Fade
VGA Distribution Amps
Lots of VGA Cable or 5wire BNC for signal Flow
Atomos Sumarai Hard Disk Recorder with Atomos Connect
Grass Valley DVI -HDSDI Scalers
Wide Lens.8 Lens,1.2Lens or 1.3-1.8Lens
Standard 2.0 -2.8Lens or 3.5-4.6Lens
Long Lens 4 – 6  lens 5.8-8.0 Lens All Lens fit the X45 10kProjector

Dell 4250 HD DLP Projector (6)

Optoma 3000 lumens Ultra wide angle Projector

Sony 1024 Scan Convertors
Sony DFS 300 Video Switchers
Atem 1 M/E Production Studio 4K
Panasonic HD-50  Video Switchers with Multi-view
Playback Pro Imac (2) with Matrox Triple Head Display and Blackmagic DVI extender
Analog Way SMS-100 LE Matrix switcher 10 x 2 Dual Scaling for different Outputs from same source

Assortment of LCD or LED Monitors for Prompter -Speaker confidence


Screenworks 6‘ x 8‘ front or rear fabric Black or Blue 6′ skirt
Da-Lite 6’x10’Combo front or rear Fabric Black & BlueSkirt
Da-Lite 8‘x12‘ front or rear fabric Black & Blue 6′ Skirt
Screenworks 9‘x16‘ front or rear fabric Black or Blue 6′ Skirt
Screenworks 7‘ x 21‘ front or rear fabric Wide screen
Screenworks 10‘ x 30‘ front or rear fabric Wide Screen
Dalite Electric 71/2‘ x 10‘ (1)

Buhl 66″ x 118″ Cradles (2)
Projection Scaffold 3‘ x 4‘ Footprint 6‘ or 3‘ high sections